Andalusian Foundation for Aerospace Development

Short description of the organisation

The Andalusian Foundation for Aerospace Development (FADA) is a non-profit organization that takes care of the management and development of CATEC research center. The main goal of CATEC is the research and development in aerospace related technologies supporting industries in coordination with universities and other research centers. FADA-CATEC has currently 50 researchers and engineers and has been awarded with a 21 Million Euros Grant for laboratories and equipment. The Knowledge Management, Automation & Robotics, and Avionics & Unmanned Aerial Systems Departments will participate in the project.

Role in the project and main tasks

FADA-CATEC will be the coordinator of the project and its Scientific Director, Prof. Anibal Ollero, will lead the Project Coordinator Team. The Knowledge Management Department will be in charge of the management of the project. FADA-CATEC will be also in charge of the development of the Integrated Simulation Environment.

Relevant previous experience

FADA-CATEC is currently leading or participating in 20 projects including the ICT FP7 Integrated project Planet and the Network of Excellence CONET, both dealing with cooperating objects and wireless sensor networks. The Scientific Director coordinated the very successful FP5 COMETS and FP6 AWARE Furthermore, FADA-CATEC researchers have participated in many national and international projects, including projects dealing with estimation and control in high mobility systems. In particular, they have a long record of participations in FP. It also has engineers with expertise in simulation environments, integration, and experimentation with high mobility systems On the other hand, FADA-CATEC has personnel specialized in the management of projects including consortia with many partners such as the Spanish Programme LATINO on Unmanned Aerial Systems with 30 partners. The Scientific Director of FADA-CATEC has leaded recently the successful European FP aerial robotics projects, COMETS FP5 and AWARE FP6, and he has participated in more than 110 projects including more than 20 projects of the FP.