Key innovation

Autonomous systems and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), can play an important role in many applications including disaster management, and the monitoring and measurement of events, such as the volcano ash cloud of April 2010. Currently, many missions cannot be accomplished or imply a high level of risk for the people involved e.g. pilots and drivers, as unmanned vehicles are not available or not permitted. This also applies to search and rescue missions, particularly in bad weather conditions, where pilots need to risk their lives.

These missions could be performed or facilitated by using autonomous helicopters with accurate positioning, the ability to land on mobile platforms, such as ship decks, as well as the ability to cooperate with other UAVs and manned aircrafts. Additionally, on a more generic basis, the safe cooperation, coordination and traffic control of multiple entities is a relevant consideration in applications such as automation of industrial warehousing, surveillance by means of aerial and ground vehicles, and transportation systems.

EC-SAFEMOBIL is devoted to the development of accurate common motion estimation and control methods and technologies in order to reach levels of reliability and safety to facilitate unmanned vehicle deployment in a broad range of applications.