Selex Galileo

Selex Galileo

Short description of the organisation

SELEX Galileo Ltd is a Finmeccanica Company, who is the UK’s foremost supplier of electronic systems for civil and military platforms in the air, at sea and on land. Our involvement within this programme will be through our Land Systems and Electro-optics Sector business unit based in Basildon. SELEX specialises in developing world class integrated sensor solutions for land sea and air domains. It is a leader in Radar, Electronic Warfare and IR/electro-optical surveillance, tracking, targeting and imaging systems. SELEX are also a leader in the field of security and homeland defence supplying a range of integrated surveillance systems and products that are actively in use world-wide helping to maintain the security of borders and other key facilities. The company has 7.000 employees.

Role in the project and main tasks

  • Design of the software and hardware architecture taking into account safety and security constraints.
  • Support the development of primitives for data integrity and to avoid unauthorized tampering with the communication infrastructure at the network level.
  • Responsible of the application of the estimation and control techniques for surveillance applications.
  • Ensure Interoperability and standardisation of the technologies developed.

Relevant previous experience

To support its strategy of providing higher level network sensor system solutions, for the past five years SELEX has actively supported a number of internal and external (e.g. via the European Commission FP6 & FP7 and UK Government sponsored research projects etc.) in order to better understand and further develop the required underpinning WiSNet related technologies.

Specific European Commission WiSNet research projects that SELEX has been involved in over the past three years include; SOBCAH, AWARE, PATIN and IMSK. As a result of this underpinning research work SELEX has now developed a Compact Integrated Sensor Processor (CISP) wireless sensor network platform. Over the past three years SELEX has invested in excess of £3M of its own funds into in-house and supported programmes to support the underpinning research and development of CISP. Using a CISP implementation high-end wireless sensor networks can be developed for specialised applications, such as those for surveillance in homeland-security and defence.